Window Plus of Michigan and the Carrier Family Story

Window Plus located in Centerline, Michigan, is truly a family owned business reaching over three generations and 182 years of combined family experience in the home improvement industry. Our origins go back to 1957 when a manufacturing startup company was born called Eaton Aluminum. Don Carrier was hired as its Vice President and that was the beginning, or should I say fathering, of this ongoing family business tradition. Don continued to purchase company stock over his 30 years of work career in order to be in position to buy the President, Jack Eaton, out when Jack decided to retire. Upon Jack?s retirement Don became president and owner of Eaton Aluminum. As history has it, Don Carrier provided the business with its labor force, as it expanded, with his own immediate family members: as work became available he looked to his wife and sons to fill the necessary positions.

Even though, at the time, he felt he had been pushed a little harder then he would have liked Ron, the second oldest of Don's seven children, came to work in the family business in 1972. With the flexibility of working in various areas of the business and the education he obtained through the course of the years, Ron became very experienced in the home improvement industry. He learned a wide range of work skills with on the job training including design development, manufacturing, installation, sales, and service. Now with Ron's dad, Don, wanting to retire the stage was set for the next step in his life, starting his own window company in Michigan, that was to be named Window Plus.

Window Plus, as a partnership with Ron Carrier as its President, purchased and acquired all Eaton Aluminums, (Ron's fathers company's) assets, including the building where he set up shop to begin business in March 1987. Employees that were needed for this new beginning were met mainly with talented and experienced family members. Through the years family members have grown to as high as 14 employees. This number includes siblings, cousins, second cousins, sons, and even Ron's wife. Many of their names and what they do for the company is featured on our web site under "Meet the Staff". Although to some, it may seem unusual to have so many family members working together, we consider it natural within a caring and loving family.

With our vast experience and know how, we have come to understand, all so well that all products are not created equal. Also, we came to understand that home owners are looking for a choice as to what is best suited for their overall particular home improvement needs. So, instead of the one-size-fits-all approach to windows and other home improvement products, we decided to make it our company's mission to offer our customers an educated choice.

Our Olympic Collection has been specifically designed to offer an array of exclusive products with different price points and performance. Recognizing the good, better, best approach for choice; we offer our window as Bronze, Silver, and Gold in our Olympic Collection.

With the major national concern of the cost of energy that is continually rising, we knew it was time to utilize new technology, as it can advance the development of durable energy efficient products that are very much needed in today's homes. Committing to the end, Window Plus partnered with Soft-Lite in order to combine decades of experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing capability and become on of the top window companies in Michigan. When it comes to our Olympic collection, we wanted to offer the best-performing, most beautiful replacement window ever made, as our exclusive "Elements" Gold choice.

In addition to our mission of educated choice, our experience, and our commitment to quality, we are good stewards of the earth by minimizing energy loss through our products and by recycling our scrap. Window Plus holds many credentials, a list of which can be seen on our web site on our "Home" page.

When you become a Window Plus customer, you can be assured you are working with one of the best window compaines in Michigan that respects and follows all building codes, regulations, and laws at the local, state, and federal level, as well as we treat all customers as family.


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